Don 4, Mice 0

A few days ago I became aware of a mouse invasion in my home after having my stocks of flour and rice wrecked and some garbage bags, which were awaiting garbage day, ripped open. So, I planted four mousetraps, four glue traps, one live trap, and a whole lot of poisoned bait around the kitchen and back room.

The first night heard two satisfying *snaps* of the mousetraps.  The next morning I was awakened to the cries of another mouse stuck in a glue trap. Two days later I discovered a fourth mouse dead in a trap.

How many more will there be?  Ugh.

One thought on “Don 4, Mice 0

  1. I’m bracing for a mousy invasion right now. As soon as the whether turns too cold, they start trying to get inside. They even come up to the 2nd and 3rd story of my place by running up the radiator pipes. Fortunately, they’re stupid and greedily eat the desiccating poison. That stuff works so fast they’re dried out before anyone can really smell them.

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