Break In!

Someone broke into my shed again the other day. They completely wrecked the latch. Nothing was stolen, though, since I don’t keep anything of value in there.

Please stop damaging my shed, you picaroons!

2 thoughts on “Break In!

  1. Maybe it needs a sign “No valuable in here.” Or stop locking it. Though I suppose you could end up with a squatter. That’d be funny. The angry guy who lives in Don’s shed. Well, it’ll be funny till it becomes a gigantic bonfire. A homeless guy was squatting in my next door neighbour’s green house. The guy made a fire to keep himself warm and the whole thing burned to the ground.

  2. It would almost be worth having a squatter in my shed for the bragging rights alone, LOL!

    I’ve contemplated not locking it. I haven’t repaired it yet, and likely won’t until next spring, since it’ll start snowing soon enough, and I don’t bother keeping the door free of snow so it becomes impossible to open without a lot of shovelling.

    I just wish those thieves would at least take some of the crap I have in that shed. Come on, guys! Free poles — metal poles! Free!

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