The Ogres Defeat the Chaos Dwarves

The Ogres remain undefeated as they earn their fourth victory this season.  This time, the wretched Chaos Dwarves taste the bitter gall of defeat.  Victory, however, came at a price as one of the Ogres was killed during the game.  It’s going to be difficult saving up enough gold to buy a replacement with the team’s spiraling expenses.

The Ogres’ first loss is predicted for next week when they play against the seasoned Lizardmen team.  Fast teams have always been a weakness for the Ogres, and with one of the Ogres’ major players out of the game permanently, things are not looking good.

The Ogres Win Again

Another victory for the Ogres! This time I paid for it.  I played against the Chaos team, who injured one of my Ogres — my one ST 6 Ogre now has a MV of only 4. Ugh. And this in the first action of the first turn of the game! And my team’s apothecary rolled the exact same result on his healing check! Grrr…

However, revenge came swiftly for the Ogres. Before the first half was over the Ogres had killed three Chaos players! Three! Two of the deaths were prevented by the Chaos apothecaries, but it was still pretty amazing to have so many kills in a game. Even one kill in a game is rare.

Here are a couple of photos from the game. Unfortunately, most of the Chaos players are unpainted, and my Snotlings are still only half-done: