Personal Forums! Woohoo!

Huzzah! I’ve got my computer hosting my own personal forums!

Early this morning, before work, I installed an Apache HTTP Server 2.2 on my machine, enabling me to serve up web pages over the internet. It was pretty easy for someone with my level of familiarity with computers to install and set up. I was hosting a test web page in no time!

Then I installed the PHP 5.2.6 module for Apache 2.2, which allows my computer to run PHP scripts which are necessary for fancy web-based programs like bulletin boards. This pretty much set itself up for me.

After that I installed MySQL 5.0, a database server. This is needed to store posts people make on my forums.

I installed the MySQL extension for PHP so that PHP-based scripts could access the database. This was a little tricky, but I managed to get it working after remembering that I had to modify the Apache server configuration file to also load the new extension.

Lastly I installed the forum software, configured it, and blammo! Done!

So far I haven’t actually created any proper topics and such for my forums, but I plan on using it to record discussions for some programming ideas with friends.  But it’s pretty cool to have it all up and running from nothing in such a short period of time!

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