Yo, Joe! Wave Nine!

I just got the entire 9th wave of GI Joe figs (on US cards) and the first non-exclusive wave of vehicles from my local collectibles/comic shop Galaxy Comics. Jeremy, the proprietor, gave me a call this morning, letting me new GI Joe stuff was in, and I went over there after work, thinking I would probably be flipping through a bunch of old figures, looking for a few US ones I am still missing from the two past recent waves.

But when I arrived — lo and behold — it was all new! Even the two “filler” figures in the box were ones from old waves that I was missing (each wave typically consists of six new guys, but they send them in boxes of eight, filling the space with figures from previous waves). I offered to buy them all plus the four new vehicles on the spot. Bye-bye spending money for the rest of the month.

This is one of the best waves with such figures as Barbecue, Ninja-Ku, Snow Serpent, and the greates GI Joe action figure ever…

The Battle Android Trooper!

The B.A.T. was my favorite GI Joe action figure when I was a kid. As if being a cool looking robot soldier wasn’t enough: he had four interchangeable hands! The new mold has all the same features as the old one save for an actual recessed chest cavity instead of a holographic sticker.

Cobra always had the coolest guys!

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