Avian Invasion!

I got up this morning to find a bird had invaded my house! It got in through the air vent by the furnace, and flew out in a flurry when I opened the furnace room doors. I managed to keep it trapped in the laundry room while I went to my bedroom to get my camera, but as soon as I opened the laundry room door again, it flew past me and into the kitchen!

After about five or ten minutes of alternately flying into the living room mirror and into the front door window, the poor thing finally tired itself out enough that I could reach out and touch him. I couldn’t even get him to fly out of the house when I opened the front door for him and tried to chase him toward it.

My first two attempts at grabbing the bird failed. I didn’t want to crush him, so I let him go as soon as he offered any resistance. I think the loud shrieks helped convince me to let him go, too. Then I remembered I had a handkerchief lying around, so I grabbed it and used it to cover the little guy’s head as I attempted to grab him again. Success!

I’m not sure, but I think the bird was an immature robin.

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