Toy Nostalgia – Little Plastic Robots

I won two auctions last week for these little plastic robot toys:

Plastic Robots (thumbnail)

(click to enlarge)

I’ve been looking for more of these toys for many, many years. I’ve lost all the ones I used to have as a kid, save for one badly mangled one.

If you happen to come across any of these little plastic robots and are interested in selling them to me, let me know!

UPDATE: Apparently these figurines were also used in the 1986 boardgame TronQuest!  The robot classifications appear to be Controller, Lasertron, Guardian, Protector, and Interceptor.   Not sure which is which, though.

5 thoughts on “Toy Nostalgia – Little Plastic Robots

  1. Hello there, I just found your post concerning those tiny plastic robot toy. I know it’s been a while since you posted this but I just found a few a my basement and would like to put them up on auction on eBay. If you could help me identify what brand they are from and how to describe them I would really appreciate. I don’t have any different robot from the one in your picture. If you are interested in buying them I’ll let you know when they will be on ebay ( auction will star at .99 cent with no reserve )

    Thanks for your time and help !


  2. I have alot of these robots. I even have a multi-colored one. You can watch them on my videos on youtube, just search Jaredultimatum and go to my channel.

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