Remember Brenda Martin…Stay Away From Mexico!

Earlier today, a Mexican judge convicted Brenda Martin, a Canadian woman, guilty of money laundering.  What makes this judgment so special is that it was made without any evidence at all of the defendant, Brenda Martin’s, guilt.  The only link between Ms. Martin and the $60 million internet fraud scheme she was convicted of being a part of is that she worked for a person who was convicted of said scheme.  This person, who was convicted in 2006, claims that Ms. Martin had no knowledge of the scheme at all.

Let me repeat this: there is no evidence at all that Brenda Martin was guilty of any crime.

You see, when you are arrested in Mexico, you are considered guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.  There is no such thing as being “tried by your peers” in an open court.

Brenda Martin had to wait in a Guadalajara jail for over two years to hear this verdict.  Yes, not only was she convicted of a crime without any evidence at all, she has also already languished in prison for over two years…sitting in prison, depressed, heavily sedated to keep her calm, and on a 24-hour suicide watch.

I just came back from a trip to Mexico a month ago.  If this is how foreign citizens can expect to be treated by the Mexican government, then to hell with Mexico!  I will not go back there unless Brenda Martin receives justice and the judge responsible for all this is punished.

I urge the rest of you to reconsider vacationing in Mexico.

5 thoughts on “Remember Brenda Martin…Stay Away From Mexico!

  1. That’s right, let’s blame the Mexicans because they won’t run their justice system to suit our needs. Mexico’s courts function on the basis of the Napoleonic code which is still in use in France. Now the hypocritical liberals are badmouthing the Mexicans…and this on a day when Robert Baltovitch joins a host of other people who were unjustly imprisoned by Canadian courts. These folks also spent a lot longer than two years in jail and I’ll bet they didn’t get to participate in any beauty contests.
    I spent over a year working in Mexico, but I was doing it legally. I wasn’t thumbing my nose at Mexican law.
    I’d suggest that we clean up our own dung heap before we start telling other nations how to clean up theirs.

  2. How do you know there wasn’t evidence? You are taking the word of Wagge, a know Con Artist and Martin who lived and worked in Mexico for 10 years illegaly, is a known drunk and was well known in Puerto Vallarta as a scammer.

  3. “How do you know there wasn’t evidence?”

    Because the prosecution said so. The prosecution said there was no direct evidence of any crime. The people charging Brenda Martin said, themselves, that there was no evidence. It’s all based on circumstance, i.e. “Well, I *think* she did it”.

  4. “That’s right, let’s blame the Mexicans because they won’t run their justice system to suit our needs.”

    It’s not about suiting our needs; it’s about the basic necessities of justice. You can’t call something a “justice system” when you can just throw people in jail without any evidence just because you want them to be guilty.

    And I don’t know why on earth you brought up the Liberal party…

  5. Yeah, it’s a total miscarriage of justice when the prosecution can admit there’s no actual direct evidence and the person is still convicted.

    Money laundering is engaging in financial transactions to hide the origin of the money. Imagine you were charged with that after an ex-employer turned out to be a crook.

    “So, umm, did I perform any financial transactions?”
    “Is there anything actually connecting me with the transactions?”
    “Did I perform any of them?”
    “Did I do anything to hide the origin of the money (investment scams)?”
    “So what’s the verdict?”

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