The Secret of the McRib

Every once in a while, the McRib sandwich appears at McDonalds for a few weeks only to disappear again, often for years at a time.  Why does this sandwich come and go so sporadically?  I think I may have discovered the answer.

Earlier today, my buddy at work relayed a conversation he had with an acquaintance of his who happened to be a farmer.  Evidently, the reason the McRib appears only once-in-a-while, and for such a short time, is that every now and then the price of pork goes really low.  When this happens, McDonalds buys a whole bunch and turns them into delicious McRibs.  This, in turn, leads to a rise in pork prices which reduces the profitability of the McRib sandwich.  McDonalds stops buying pork, and the McRib sandwich disappears.

A month ago the McRib sandwich appeared at local McDonalds restaurants (t has since disappeared).  This has apparently coincided with an overpopulation in western Canadian sow herds (excess supply = low prices).


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