It’s Pac-Man Time!

Woo! My custom-made Pac-man watch just came in the mail!

I designed the face myself and ordered it from ArtsNow, an online, Hong Kong based, custom-swag shop.

You can order your own Pac-man watch — exactly like mine — right now! ($15.99 + $3.00 S/H)

If I can manage to get some people to buy a few of these watches, I might be motivated enough to design a few more based on other, vintage arcade games. ;-)

One thought on “It’s Pac-Man Time!

  1. Thank you for the info! Drop shipping on eBay is easier now in 2009 with I have an eBay store set up with 2,000+ items for sale that I customized just like this watch your showing.. My store grosses $3,000/ month. Not bad considering I’ve only been going for 4 months now! I am already an eBay Powerseller too!! Thank you Dropshippper

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