Castro Retires

Well, Castro has finally retired as el Presidente of Cuba.

On hearing the news, US President George Bush threatened to bring “democracy” to the country, saying “The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty.”

No word, as yet, on when Bush will begin sending troops to bring “democracy” to Cuba.

Proselytizers Defeated

Here’s a little video clip of what happens when the “door-to-door” agents of a religion bite off more than they can chew:

I’ve talked with people like this (i.e. the guys on the bicycles) before. It’s very sad to see people duped into being pawns for a religion, spreading that religion’s message without really understanding what they are talking about. :-(

(BTW, these Mexican Chili Chips are Awesome! I’m on my third bag, hehe)