Tostitos and Cheese

Every once in a while I get a craving for tortillas and cheese dip. Tostitos puts out a delicious salsa con queso, regularly found in just about any grocery store. However, they also sell something called “cheezy dip”, which comes in small containers and it usually sold in convenience stores. The other day I bought some of this “cheezy dip”, thinking it was the same as their salsa con queso.

Big mistake.

After the first taste of the “cheese dip” I immediately realized something was wrong. This was not the deliciously cheezy treat I had been expecting. Upon inspecting the container of said dip, I made a horrifying discovery: Tostitos brand “cheese dip” is just cheese-flavored margarine! That’s right, margarine. Good ol’ hydrogenated vegetable oil appeared second on the list of ingredients, right after water.  Next in line was maltodextrin (a starch), then another kind of starch, then salt, followed by “natural flavors” (i.e. various spices), and then cheddar cheese.  More ingredients followed, but I just wanted to highlight how far down the line cheese actually was.

Contrast this to their salsa con queso where monterey jack cheese is third in the ingredient list, right after water and milk.

This “cheesy dip” sold by Frito-Lay North America, Inc. is nothing more than a disgusting salsabomination. Yes, I made up a new word to describe this stuff; it’s that bad.

Do not buy Tostitos “cheezy dip” unless you like eating mal-flavored (another new word?) margarine.  Yuk.

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