In the online strategy game Tribal Wars, a belligerent tribe has been causing problems with one of our tribe members. After repeated pleas for peace, the one member of the other tribe refused to stop attacking one of our tribesmen, and the leader of the other tribe simply laughed at us.

In order to protect our tribe member, I launched a series of attacks against the hostile village in order to decimate its attacking forces. After the success of my mission, however, came the cries of “not fair!” from the other tribe. Now that entire tribe is amassing a large army to attack me.

All because one player wanted the resources of another player and refused to stop attacking him when asked politely. Now our two tribes are facing war. A war born in arrogance and raised in pride.

It is no wonder there is no peace in the world.

8 thoughts on “War!!

  1. Hmm. Decimate them! Take There heads and Post them on your front gates! LET THEM BE A BANNER WARDING ALL THOSE WHO DARE STAND IN YOUR WAY!!! (Sorry Playing Halo3 /\Listening to Down With The Sickness at the same time lol/\)

  2. all i can say is that you are being a baby
    my tribe is the tribe that is attacking you and you started it
    this is a war game and you are being a baby
    get a life and prepare to be rimmed ;I

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