Day of Judgment

I have created a coat-of-arms for the tribe I belong to in Tribal Wars. The tribe is called Day of Judgment. I think I captured the motif pretty well.

Day of Judgment coat-of-arms

I started out with the coat-of-arms for the American Heraldry Society, then completely erased the shield section, leaving only the laurels intact. This gave me the desired “clean slate” of a shield with a nice border to start with. I colored the entire shield red, then added some shading to give it a nice three-dimensional look.

I then found a cartoon image of the sun, which I erased the face off of and cleaned up a little. This is meant to represent the “day”. After that, I grabbed an image of a warhammer from the game World of Warcraft using a utility called WoW Model Viewer. The hammer is meant to represent judgment. As a bonus, the hammer has a sun on it, too!  The laurels are meant to represent peace, which is what we are striving for with our neighboring tribes.

All in all, I think it turned out rather well.

3 thoughts on “Day of Judgment

  1. How do you make a coat of arms?! i have a premium account for a week and i want to make a coat of arms for me and my tribe; i dont know if it would stay, but still…
    Please anser back somehow.. My email is if you can answer me… THANKS


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