I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night. When I finally did drift off, I had a very long and disturbing nightmare. Most of it took place in that same alternate reality University of Manitoba that has been in some of my dreams before. I spent a lot of time in certain parts of the campus, which I really should map but I just can’t be bothered to at the moment.

One section of the university campus contained a long building which had apparently been abandoned. That’s where the worst of the dream took place. The area had two entrances, one from the main campus tunnels and another from the outside. You could not go through the building from one entrance to the other because it was blocked off at one point.

The nightmare could be broken up into two phases: one in which a psychotic professor, played by Christopher Walken, inflicted psychological and emotional damage on me and two other students, as well as putting students in physical danger by ‘unlocking’ a main stairway that could act like a teeter-totter along its midpoint.

The second half of the nightmare started in the university and featured two characters who were trying to injure or kill me. One was some goth-type guy reminiscent of Criss Angel, and another was a black gangsta rapper (he looked famous, but I don’t really know my gangsta rappers). The Criss Angel-guy also had a girlfriend who played some strange woodwind instrument that had dozens and dozens of holes in it.

Anyway, this second part of the dream had some dream-within-a-dream elements to it, i.e., I slept and dreamt in the dream. This was the second dream this week in which I did that. The previous dream (Monday night, maybe?) involved me using my laptop computer in bed at my grandparent’s old house.  There was something about researching and comparing two photos of a ghost and having something under my bed pull at my mouse cord in a dream within the dream.

So, yeah, last night’s dream was altogether too long with quite a lot of frightening imagery in it.  I can imagine how terrifying it must be to be on a bad ‘trip’ if you end up seeing the kinds of stuff I saw.

Now, if I could only remember what those undead, rotting babies were chanting as they slowly made their way toward me, crawling on broken limbs in that abandoned university building…

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