3 thoughts on “New Fallout 3 Info

  1. i hate what bethesda is down. they are raping fallout… what’s worse, is that not only did they change the whole gameplay, they also are raping the tone and feel and setting!

  2. “i hate what bethesda is down” maybe “what bethesda has done”? anyway if you dont like the game stop posting on sites that talk about it. go back into your bedroom and wack off to pictures of fo1. your opinion seems a little STUPID. anywho! great site!

    i am actually old enough to have been in the military at the time of fo1. As soon as i saw the game i thought “crap those graphics suck,” then i was completely astounded at the depth & playabilty. i love this game. i still havent played through fo2. i lost them both originally just after they came out & i recently purchased them through the army px – with all the hype about fo3 comming out they’ve been returned to sale circulation.- does the px hold onto games? ;)
    anyway fallout1 kicked ass. my greatest concern was having the same or more level of adult content- i dont want a kids game. from what ive seen fallout 3 wont disappoint.

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