Things I Hate

These two Things I Hate are related:

  • When people ride their bikes down a busy road in the middle of the city when there’s a bike path specifically created for them not more than two meters to their right. I know cyclists have a right to use the road, but the bike path is smoother, safer, and provides a more aesthetically pleasing ride!
  • When pedestrians use the street instead of the perfectly good sidewalk right beside it. I still remember you “senior-citizen-who-jogs-down-Nassau-at-five-in-the-morning -on-icy-roads-in-the-winter-even-when-the-sidewalk-has-been-cleared”!

These paths are for everyone’s safety, and we all pay taxes for their upkeep. I don’t want to run over you with my car. There is no reason to put yours or anyone else’s life in danger, and these paths — which run parallel to the road — are not really that inconvenient.

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