I Hate Vista!

I was forced to move to a Vista computer at work the other day.  Wow.  Off the top of my head I can’t really think of any improvements it has over Windows XP, besides a shiny new way of drawing windows (which I promptly turned off because it’s horridly slow).  Options and settings are strewn about in different windows and dialogs with inconsistent interfaces.  Many important options are completely missing, since Microsoft apparently knows what you want better than you do.  I am not impressed.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Vista!

  1. Sadly this has been Microsoft’s track record for quite a while now. Can we make a list of all the marvelous new features Windows XP had, when it first came out, that where absent in Windows 2000? Not to mention it took them 5 years for them to get this ready. I hope that the “under the hood” stuff is much better than what you actually interface with.

    Can I offer you some Ubuntu?

  2. If only Ubuntu had the same calibre of development tools. :( So far, nothing comes close to Visual Studio. But, oh, how I’d love to switch to an OS whose development was driven by love of computing rather than love of money.

  3. I bet to differ! Have you had a chance to play around with eclipse? This is a highly customizable IDE that can be made to work with just about any language. It has a pluggable platform. There are thousands of plugins for everything to connecting to data bases, source code managers to handling remote servers. It’s the most awesome thing I have seen in IDE’s, visual studio included.

    If you like visual studio so much, you should check out project mono. They have a .NET implementation for various platforms, including linux. They also have an IDE which resembles visual studio.

    Also, you should really check your sources. Linux is the developers/hackers paradise. I don’t know where you got the idea that windows excelled over other platforms in this regard. Multimedia, games, having a driver for everything under the earth, yes Windows is king. Development? They are very far back behind.

    Lastly, keep in mind that an IDE is simply a tool. It should help you, not define you. Any developer worth his weight can do his job with a semi decent editor, a compiler and maybe a couple of other tools.

    Also, Linux is not the only option. You also have BSD and Mac (which arguably are the same thing), they also give you excellent platforms for developing. I really hope you see the light.

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