Alternate Reality

I had another dream in that alternate reality again. This time I talked with two neighbors from across my back lane. The first guy — whose house was directly opposite mine — wasn’t really interested in talking to me. When he said his name, it sounded like he said “Daniel”, but when he spelled it, it was something like “Danahjo” (A quick google brings up only one result for that word — it appears to be a the username of some spammer on a private message board). For some reason this guy was throwing out a complete Voltron figure, which I swiped from his trash pile in the back lane.

The other guy was the neighbor to the right of the first guy, when looking across the back lane from my house. He was much more talkative and friendly, but, for some reason, he wouldn’t give me his name when I introduced myself. He described our neighborhood as being known by the term “M&M”, for some reason. He then proceeded to show off his M&M candy themed wall clock, as though it could be appreciated on another level seeing as how it was in the neighborhood known as “M&M”.

I’m also getting faint recollections of being in a school again. I think it was the alternate reality high school. Maybe more will come to me later on.

One thought on “Alternate Reality

  1. You are seeing into your past…

    Look deeply…

    Actually, the guy’s name was Dana’Jo, in the Olde Tongue it means, Bliss of Universes.
    And, orginally, it was a female name, although the Croftha’an can shapeshift, so what’s the diff.

    BTW: that was all, obviously, total hooey.

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