War. War Never Changes.

The first trailer for Fallout 3 is finally out. How nice…considering the game is coming out in the fall. Of NEXT YEAR. Still, it’s an impressive trailer. I’m very happy to see the Fallout theme remains intact. Still, I’m not getting myself excited just yet.

You see, Fallout and Fallout 2 were two of the greatest games ever made. Developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay, the world of Fallout was a futuristic retro-50s gone post apocalyptic one. Interesting story lines, entertaining combat system, and a literally perfect soundtrack made this games one the best I’ve ever played.

Not long ago, a third Fallout game was in development when it was suddenly axed because of fiscal mismanagement at Interplay. The rights to the Fallout universe were sold to Bethesda Softworks and development on a third installment began anew. However, this new game was to be a first-person game rather than a hybrid turn-based one like its predecessors. This was a pretty big upset to the Fallout community.

Worse still is Bethesda’s track record of not quite being able to get first person action/adventure games quite right. Its lackluster library hangs like swords of Damocles over the fate of the next Fallout game.

This trailer, however, has restored a small glimmer of hope. If the folks at Bethesda have finally learned their lessons from the mistakes of the past, and if they can stick closely to existing Fallout lore and style, they might just be able to pull of a passable game. We’ll see. Getting Ron Perlman to reprise his role as the narrator for the intro sequence was a great start!

U.S. Capitol

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