In Dreams

For the past two or three years I’ve had most of my dreams (the few that I can actually remember) take place in an alternate reality version of my home town. Last night’s dream was about me selling my house and moving into an apartment in the south end of the city. My reason for the move was that I had “too much space” living in a house. I’m guessing this may have had something to do with the fact that I needed to mow my larger-than-average lawn (my property is one-and-a-half lots in size).

After several weeks of rain with no chance of mowing it inbetween showers, my grass had grown longer than I’ve ever had it before. I’m guessing maybe eight inches high. Maybe ten. Tall enough that it started producing seeds, at any rate.

It was pretty depressing to move into this apartment. I got the feeling that I had made a big mistake in doing so. I don’t think I could ever live in an apartment. I like the freedom of living in my own home.

Now that I have completed Phase One of mowing my lawn (i.e. mowing it on the highest blade adjustment), I may have to worry about more dreams where I move out of a house. Weather permitting, Phase Two should be complete by tomorrow evening.

I’m still stumped, however, as to the reason behind the wife of the apartment superintendant leaving giving me an assortment of corrective lensewear from the nineteenth century…

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