Lawn Care

So, I mowed my lawn for the first time the other day. Bought some gasoline, checked the oil, ignored the air filter, and away I went. Twenty minutes later the sweet smell of a freshly mowed grass permeated my property.

I hate mowing grass.

However, I hate shoveling snow more, so I guess I can’t complain. Or, rather, I can complain, but not as much as I have a right to complain about snow.

I’d love to be able to come up with one of those no-maintenance lawns, lock a huge rock garden or something. I supposed I could go the whole “I’m not too lazy to mow my lawn; I’m preserving the natural state of the prairies” route, but I’m not really a fan of prairie grass, either. It always acts like you owe it something. I say, “screw you, prairie grass!”

Of course, I could always pave my entire back lawn over with asphalt like one of my neighbors does. I can’t say as I’d like the smell of petroleum wafting into my house. The extra twenty degrees of heat that an asphalt lawn would bring wouldn’t be very comfortable either.

Enough grass talk.

My Virginia Creepers are already beginning their assault. I am constantly amazed at how fast those things grow. With any luck, we’ll get lots of rain again this year, and I’ll have at least half of one of my walls covered. The back fence should fill out nicely as well.

My perennials are coming in (whatever they are), as are my rose bushes. And the lilac bushes I planted last year are budding! They didn’t die! All that’s missing is my fern jungle that typically exists between my south wall and the neighbor’s wood fence.

I still have a lot of crap to clean out of my front lawn garden beds, though. Ugh. Maybe next year the Virginia Creepers will finally choke out all the grasses that keep getting in there.

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