The Alliance Sucks at Arathi Basin

Just a short World of Warcraft rant here. The Alliance sucks at the Arathi Basin battleground for two reasons:

  1. The Alliance doesn’t defend resource nodes properly.
  2. Alliance characters who can heal, don’t.

The only time we seem to win is when we outnumber the Horde two-to-one, and even then the Alliance is too dumb to protect nodes properly. Yes, we’ve got a 5-cap going, and, yes, we outnumber the Horde, but that’s no reason to leave no one at the Blacksmith. All it takes is one rogue to ninja it and the game lasts a lot longer that it has to.

What’s even worse is when one node calls out for help and *everyone* from another node rushes to help. Are you people daft?! Argh!!!!!!

I just needed to vent a little bit. I find myself coming dangerously close to those players who can’t seem to control themselves and feel the need to swear and belittle their fellow players constantly on the battleground chat because they’re not playing the way they “should” be.

2 thoughts on “The Alliance Sucks at Arathi Basin

  1. I would like to know, which battlegroup the allies dosent lose that much! im tired of getting pwned. I moved to the horde side, but i would like to win with my ally sometime!! Someone know which server allies are good in pvp?

  2. I dont totally agree,

    i agree that a lot of players just run round Arathi Basin like headless chickens,

    but I think horde and ally are seriously imba too
    its less imba in warsong gulch, yesterday I played ally side and we owned 3 games in a row, they didnt last long at all

    but I think it had something to do with being early morning, lol

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