Bonding With Madmartigan

My not-so-baby lop-eared rabbit, Marty, had some good bonding time today. I had gone to work very early and came home around seven in the morning. I let Marty out of his cage and went to bed, having placed several layers of blankets atop the area which I was not occupying.Madmartigan

The blankets were for a nasty habit Marty has: peeing on my bed whenever I let him jump up there. It’s his way of claiming new territory for himself. Thankfully Marty believes he owns the entire floorspace of my bedroom as he has never once peed on the carpet (though he does leave his droppings all over the place).

Anyway, Marty had a lot of fun jumping up on my bed and crawling all over me as I was trying to sleep. He didn’t waste much time peeing on one of the blankets I had laid down, either. I let him do his thing and went to sleep anyway, the sounds of a little rabbit running around like a maniac on my bedroom floor acting as some sort of cacophonic lullaby.

He woke me up [several times] a few hours later, occasionally jumping on the bed and scampering about. The first thing he’d do after getting on the bed was crawl up to my face and make those little grunting sounds rabbits make when they’re happy. He had also peed in about three or four places on my bed. Thankfully all the blankets — which are in the washing machine at the moment — prevented my mattress from getting wet.

After getting up to clean his cage and replenish his food and water, Marty hardly left my side. Yes, after six weeks of living in my bedroom, Marty is doing A-OK. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m already starting to miss him when I’m at work.

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